Your solar shower leaks from the bottom (base) or from the top



Your solar shower leaks from the bottom (base) or from the top.


A seal is present at the base and top of the shower. After several seasons of use, the top or bottom seal, it may become altered, which may cause a slight water leak.


Left picture “Top seal”                                      Right picture “Bottom seal”



To access the seal, it is necessary to drain the shower and unscrew it from the floor.

  • Please unscrew the top or bottom screws (depending on leakage).


*Screw                                                                                 *Bottom screw


  • Please remove the base (bottom) or the cover (top)

  • Please check seal’s condition


If the product is out of warranty (more 2 years), you can purchase spare parts on our website (link to site parts order).
If your product is still under warranty (2 years), complete the form (available here), attaching your purchase receipt and a picture of the problem as an attachment.

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