Your shower is running despite the tap closed.




Your shower is still running although the mixer tap is closed.


This problem usually comes from the cartridge of the mixer. If it is defective, it no longer stops the water in the tank.


For access to the cartridge, please follow the next steps:

1/ Please unscrew the stem in the handle or remove the blue and red cap:


2/ Using an Allen key, unscrew and remove the screw holding the handle:

3/ Unscrew the two finishing fittings:


4/ A final connection must be unscrewed to reach the mixer cartridge. Use a spanner for this. If you are using a wrench, we advise you to use a protection to prevent scratching the nut. .

5/ Once you have access to the cartridge, please check its functioning by making sure that nothing is broken inside (cracked). You can see this by disassemble it, or by looking through the holes on the back of the cartridge:

*If the cartridge is broken, it must be replaced.

*If the cartridge is in good condition, then the problem is internal to the shower.


If your product is still under warranty (2 years), please make your request on our form (available here), by enclosing your purchase receipt and a picture of the defect as an attachment.
If your product is out of warranty (more than 2 years), you can purchase spare parts on our website  (available here).

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