ABS (plastic) shower leak / Pressure reducing valve.




Your shower leaks constantly due to a defect around the pressure reducing valve.



If your pressure reducing valve has not been installed or has been installed in the wrong place, your shower may leak from its structure, the foot rinse, the showerhead, or the drain.

The shower can support up to 3 bars of pressure. It is therefore essential to install the pressure reducer as soon as you start your shower (especially on ABS showers as the internal piping is not repairable).



If your shower leaks despite the tap closed, it is possible that the reason of this leak is due to a bad installation or a poor condition of your pressure reducing valve.

It is possible to order pressure reducing valve on the spare parts website (link here).


If your product is still under warranty (less than 2 years old), please complete the form (available here) and attach your purchase receipt and a picture of the leak as an attachment. A technician will then provide a solution according to our after-sales services conditions.



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