How your spa heating works.


How does the spa heating works.


I want to heat up the spa.



Press the heating button (to the left of the control box). The light illuminates and remains stationary.
Once the selected temperature is reached (default 38°), the light will blink.
To adjust the temperature, you should press once on one of the up or down arrows.



Once the LCD display flashes, you can adjust the temperature you want using the arrows "Increases temperature" or "Decreases temperature". Leave a few seconds without touching anything so that the screen returns to the fixed display and memorizes the temperature.

For information, the water in your Spa warms up about 1 to 2°C per hour when the heating is running. The indication on the screen corresponds to the current water temperature.

There may be a difference of 1, 2 or 3°C between the temperature you programmed and the actual temperature.

If the problem is not solved, you must replace the heating resistance. To do this, please follow the next procedure:

In case your product is out of warranty (more than 2 years), fill out the form available here.
If your product is still under warranty (less than 2 years), fill out the form available here, with your purchase invoice and a photo of the problem in the attachment.

ATTENTION: If during the repair, the problem is solved with the manipulations described above, we will be obliged to charge you the labour and the costs of redirection at the price of 89 Euros.

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